8:20am, Scorpion Express (2017)


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Year: 2017
Country: Japan
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Length: 75min
Director: Hideo Jojo
Cast: Airi Kijima, Makoto Takeuchi, Riko Matsui, Takajin Asaki, Daikei Shimizu, Fumio Moriya.

At 8:20A.M, three separately grouping inscidents occur within the train which is packed to 170%. Kimiko, a librarian, has lived her life ignored by the people around her. Even if it means she’s getting groped, she feels happy because that means at least someone wants her. One day, Kimko’s affair with her boss at the library is discovered by his wife. As she gets on the train in desperation, she feels someone touching her butt.

Bank teller Asami is a woman of high expectations-the things she wears, the men she dates must all be top notch. However, she is still single at 30. Desperate to find someone in a hurry, she meets Nozaki, a man who owns his company in Los Angeles. She accepts his proposal, however…

Policeman Ryoko Mamiya is pursuing a habitual groper nicknamed “Scorpion”. Ryoko is passionate about protecting women from despicable criminals like the Scorpion, but one day, she gets groped by the Scorpion herself…

Date: June 18, 2019