A Fun Distraction (2021)


A Fun Distraction

When Don finds himself with spotty WIFI, he goes to his sister’s room to play video games. His sister’s friends Taylee Wood and Lily Joy stumble upon him, and shut the door with erotic intentions. Don is a virgin, but that’s not a problem for the ladies, who get the ball rolling by touching each other. Lily hikes up Taylee’s skirt to show off her big bum, then Taylee takes out Lily’s tits, and they ask Don if he would like to touch. Barely believing what is happening, Don squeaks as the ladies push him back, take out his hard cock, and give him a double blowjob. Taylee straddles Don and takes his dick into her pussy reverse cowgirl style while Lily sits on his face. The ladies take turns enjoying his dick and tongue until Don creampies Lily doggystyle and she lets the cum drip onto Taylee.

Date: August 1, 2021