A Rooftop Romance (2022)


A Rooftop Romance
Studio: Private Specials

Summer evenings in Budapest are hot and this year our girls have decided to stay in the city as they enjoy the warm weather and wild nights on the rooftops! Dean Van Damme has a spectacular view to show Zlata Shine from his new apartment building, and judging by what happened next… boy did she like it! Meanwhile, Josh is hosting a party where the jacuzzi will play centre stage, and one of his guests, Shona River, will barely make it the front door before having her way with Sam Bourne. And all the while, the spectacular redhead Kiara Lord and Private debutant Amy Douxxx will also have their moments of passion amidst the Hungarian summer. Private Specials, A Rooftop Romance, pure, high-end sex!

Date: March 19, 2022