Bekehrung (2023)


Studio: MMV

Experience how one pain can relieve the other! See how the true faith makes the false fade! In the magnificent monastery of St. Ammon, young Luciella prays for forgiveness of her sins. But she has been observed for a long time. ‘Want to learn to love your pain?’ And a dark lord with a mighty voice steps out of the shadows. Extremely impressive locations and masterful camera work make this film a venerable experience. Long spanking sessions and extensive dominance games captivate the viewer with pain and subservience and take the senses into the world in which pain purifies the soul. Electrifying stimulation current games, bondage and weight games are the focus to awaken the young novice’s unshakable faith in her new master.

Date: June 11, 2023
Actors: Mario / Niki Novelle