Fais Moi Ci, Fais Moi Ca (2021)


Fais Moi Ci, Fais Moi Ca
Studio: JTC Video (French)

Two neighboring families, with two very different methods of education are filmed in their daily lives for several days. On the one hand, the Lapic, libertines and perverts on the other, the Lebon, from the haute bourgeoisie. For Lapic, everything would be better in a better world if the husband wasn’t always so macho, always ready to draw his cock in the stall and into the mouth of his wife when she goes shopping. In Lebon, nothing goes. Ms. Lebon is frustrated because her husband does not even excited. It’s here we will find comfort in the beautiful young maid. Fortunately, there’s girlfriend Ms Lebon will abet the son of Madame Lebon itself damn spoiled by nature.

Date: July 26, 2022