Favorite Meal (2023)


Favorite Meal
Studio: Girlsway

A plumber, Hazel Paige, arrives outside a client’s home along with her apprentice, Spencer Bradley. Hazel warns that this particular client’s family has a bratty 18-year-old, Samantha Reigns. When Samantha opens the front door, Spencer is awestruck by her beauty. While Hazel is busy working, Samantha starts making lewd gestures and suggestive comments to Spencer, who tries to resist temptation and stick to her job. However, Samantha turns up the heat by flashing her breasts and then masturbating for Spencer, who becomes so enticed that she finally gives in! Alison Rey is cooking a nice anniversary dinner for her girlfriend, Hazel Moore. A short time later, Hazel arrives home, and hears Alison’s voice instructing her to go wait in the dining room for a surprise. Hazel appreciatively says that she can already guess what the surprise is, because she can smell it from here. It’s her favorite meal. However, Alison mysteriously calls out that it’s only PART of the surprise. Alison brings in napkins and cutlery while wearing her apron… and NOTHING else! Gizelle Blanco is having a nice, relaxing day, though she’s eager for her girlfriend to get home from work. When Jayden Cole finally walks into the bedroom, she excitedly starts filling Gizelle in on the day’s gossip. As Jayden animatedly gets carried away, Gizelle tries to distract her by getting flirty, which seems to do the trick.

Date: May 15, 2023