Pandemic (2021)


Pandemic Part 1
Studio: Pure Taboo

The first 6 months of quarantine went smoothly. But nothing has been easy since her husband Michael was exposed. From outside, the sound of a delivery truck approaches, a smile crosses her face. Laura rushes to the front window, she has decided to get a little more flirtatious with the delivery man. They stare at each other, unmasked, breathing in the other’s air. She feels excited for the first time in months! ‘May I come inside?’ he asks. Laura’s done everything she can to stay safe, but can anyone ever TRULY be safe?
Anthony sits at his computer having a video conversation with his mom. Anthony tells her he’s been having trouble remembering dates. She says she is worried about him being all alone for so long. She wishes he’d use a dating service to find a nice girl to be with in lockdown. After the call, Anthony goes about his everyday routine and does everything alone. Finally, he can’t take it anymore and signs up for a dating service. A female AI, Aurora (Ana Foxxx) greets him. She is instantly warm and friendly, asking him personal questions and asks questions about his sexual preferences. Anthony is finally coming out of his shell as he falls for Aurora…but is his newfound happiness too good to be true?

Date: April 3, 2021