Repaying The Favor (2022)


Repaying The Favor
Studio: Fantasy Massage

Adira Allure is relaxing when her roommate, Kayla Paige, comes home. Kayla is a masseuse and she’s had a busy day at work. That’s when Adira gets an idea, offering to give Kayla a hand massage. After all, she’s so lucky to get free massages all the time from Kayla… So now it’s HER turn to take care of Kayla! Charlotte Stokely, a masseuse, is relaxing in her living room when Jamie Michelle rings the doorbell. It’s revealed that there’s been a mix-up at the dry cleaners they both use. Jamie accidentally got Charlotte’s clothes and vice-versa. Charlotte offers to give Jamie a nice massage to help repay her for returning the clothes and Jamie graciously accepts the kind offer. Alison Rey enters a massage parlor looking miserable. Whitney Wright, the masseuse, is professional and invites Alison into a private room for her massage. Alison finally admits that she is a marriage counselor who used to really believe in her job but has now given up on love. However, Whitney is optimistic and flirtatiously offers Alison the chance to mix things up and get a fresh perspective to find love again!

Date: September 7, 2022