Sex 4 Rent 15 (2021)


Sex 4 Rent 15
Studio: Reality Kings

Paying Rent With A Sex Tape: We at RK know todays millennials face financial challenges unique to their generation. Student loan debts are deep, good jobs are hard to come across, and many employers are looking to exploit young people for their honest work. Lucky for them, our man JJ has a heart of gold and a sweet spot for twenty-something travelers looking to catch a break. When Johnny Pag shows up to rent one of JJs pads with his gorgeous Russian girlfriend Ellen Betsy in tow, JJ lets them know he isnt the kind of landlord out to screw student youths: he saves them money on their shopping trip in exchange for a video of this cleavage brunette showing her tits, rubbing her clit, oiling up, and sucking her boyfriends dick. Ellen is no entitled millennial: rather than lying on her back, she puts on a show, riding that dick in cowgirl then bending over and thrusting her hips for a Doggystyle display while she moans for the camera. JJ gets his sex tape, Johnny gets free rent, and Ellen gets a fat load on her sexy stomach: its the barter economy in action!

Date: June 25, 2022