Sexually Aggressive Teenagers 4 (2023)


Sexually Aggressive Teenagers 4
Studio: Crave Media

Guess they weren’t listening when mama said “play hard to get!”
Koco Chanel meets up with Ike to have some big-time fun at his place. The two go to his room and get right down to business, where Koco shows Ike what she’s all about.

Mia is looking for a new place to live, but she doesn’t have enough money for the deposit. Now she needs to convince the owner why she deserves the apartment over anyone else.

The cute and freaky Sera has no inhibitions when it comes to telling Ike what she wants: to get fucked and gobble up his cum! He leaves her happily dripping by the end of it!

It’s no secret that Sophia loves having dick in her mouth! Ike gets a real treat as Sophia proves to be the queen of blowjobs and has her desires fulfilled with his cum all over her face!

Date: August 4, 2023