Sexy Magical Girl episode 4 (2003)


Sexy Magical Girl episode 4

“Fairy Girl Love” was a hugely popular hentai game in Japan and eventually became a full-blown hentai series.
So, “Girl-Magician Love” is a film with a dashingly twisted storyline, which intrigues the viewer more and more as the story progresses. And yet, this is hentai. This series is definitely based on the story of the traditional “Magic Girl Fighting Monsters” and added hentai scenes involving monsters with huge tentacles. Viewers expecting to see tentacle scenes in the movie won’t be disappointed, nor will fans of the original game.
I have to warn people with indigestion and poor mental health: this series is crammed with violent hentai scenes, after which you can have mental disorders and nervous colic. With tentacles in some scenes, they overdid it so much that it feels like they were thinking up the series as if they were sick in the head. But personally, I liked it very much.

Date: December 5, 2021