Sperm Princesses (2022)


Sperm Princesses
Studio: Girls Got Cream

They might have smug looks on their young, pretty faces, but theres a very good reason for that. After all, they are quite literally the girls that have got the cream. Man cream, that is. Courtesy of all those big, thick, meaty schlongs that theyre only too happy to pleasure at any given opportunity. Indeed, Neveah, Jacy and Charlie love nothing better than savouring every inch of dick that heads their way; eagerly surrendering every one of their holes to the hardcore pounding thats always guaranteed where this kind of filth is concerned. No doubt about it, youre gonna love this sordid escapade of sordid fornication. All richly wrapped up by a blizzard of jizz thats gonna have you jerking out your own heavy load in appreciation!

Date: April 22, 2022