Unfinished Book, Unfinished Love (2015)


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Year: 2015
Country: Japan
Genre: Erotic, Mystery, Drama
Length: 90min
Director: Daisuke Yamanouchi
Cast: Kotomi Asakura, Kyoko Maki, Misa Wada, Yota Kawase, Manzo Shinra, Yu Kotaka.
Yoshioka is a struggling sensual novel author. His wife, Michiru, believes in his talent and supports him. Unable to cope with his lack of success, Yoshioka becomes dependent on alcohol and women, causing much grief to Michiru, but she never leaves his side. Yoshioka vows to change and immerses himself in writing, finally publishing a novel and receiving an award. One day, on the beautiful Ishigaki Island, Yoshioka is drunk, visits a local bar, and tells the proprietress, Megumi, the story of how he disappointed his wife and eventually lost her in a traffic accident. Seeing the extent of his grief, Megumi tells Yoshioka about the legend of Ishigaki Island and about a special “fragrance satchel”. If you take the satchel with you and go to a particular lighthouse, you will be able to meet a person who has died one last time for a short duration, until the smell of the satchel fades away. She hands him this fragrance satchel.
The next day, Yoshioka heads out to the lighthouse with a small silver of hope, but Michiru doesn’t show up. Just as he is about to leave, she appears, just as she looked when she was alive.

Date: June 27, 2019