Unselfish Lover (2023)


Unselfish Lover
Studio: Modern-Day Sins

Gabi Paltrova is just getting over a bad breakup when she is visited by Codey Steele. Codey is a mutual friend of her and her ex’s, so she’s not sure she wants to see him at first, though Codey soon sweet talks her into letting him in. Gabi becomes completely lost as she takes Codey’s cock in her mouth and pussy over and over again, wanting his cum. After this empowering romp, Gabi is never going to let her ex get her down ever again. Bridgette B and Rob Piper visit Gianna Dior, who is soon to be married into their family. They ask Gianna to go fetch the wedding dress for them to look at. When Gianna returns and shows off the pristine white dress, the in-laws are impressed but want more. They encourage Gianna to change into the dress right then and there, stating that Gianna doesn’t have to be shy since they’re all family. Although Gianna’s taken aback, she begins undressing slowly in front of them. Bridgette and Rob’s hungry eyes roam over her bare skin and the temperature in the room rises. The sexual tension between the trio continues to rise until Bridgette finally insists that the dress would look a lot nicer off Gianna, if she gets her drift. Watch as they become an Unselfish Lover one by one .

Date: February 21, 2023