Bad Vibes (2022)


Bad Vibes
Studio: Girlsway

Bad Vibes. Skylar Snow arrives at her stepmother Mona Azar to ask her advice. They have a warm and loving relationship and chat about Skylar and his wife, who are about to have a baby. Skylar tells Mona that she is a little worried about how to handle breastfeeding. Mona decides that nothing beats practice, so she decides to show her a breastfeeding lesson. Ryan Keely arrives home after a rough day at work. She is desperate for some stress relief, and knows EXACTLY what she needs but she can’t find it anywhere. It turns out that Ryan’s stepdaughter, Chloe Cherry, has taken the vibrator and is masturbating with it in the bathroom. Indica Monroe is jealous that her father is spending all his time with his new wife (her new step-mom), Kit Mercer, rather than having any time for her anymore. Her jealousy leads her to hatch a plot to get Kit to fall in love with HER instead so that she can get all the attention from both of them that she’s craving..

Date: March 23, 2022