Please, Go Slowly! (2023)


Please, Go Slowly!
Studio: Try Teens

Its not always easy when youre new on the game as Brittney, Barbara, Bernadette and Bree discover when confronted with the prospect of satisfying a selection of hard dick on camera for the very first time. Fortunately for them they’ve been teamed up with a relatively patient selection of studs; but rest assured it’s not very long before even they are wanting to push things along, and to get these wannabe sluts into the kind of leg-stretching, pussy-straining positions that fans of this genre wanna see. Suffice it to say they’re all more than very willing newbies; and it’s no time before each one of these gorgeous hussies is taking it long and hard for the fucking of a lifetime. All soon rewarded with a blast of fresh spunk.

Date: January 22, 2023