Cum Thirsty (2022)


Cum Thirsty
Studio: Girls Got Cream

Malorie and Silk are just two normal girls who youd probably pass in the street without so much as a questionable thought. But the reality of what theyre really like behind closed doors quickly becomes apparent in this cum-drenched offering from the lads at Girls Go Cream. Of course, the title pretty much gives away the plot, so to speak; as both of these beauties go in search of dick in the hope that itll provide them with the spunky relief that theyre both mindlessly craving. And when they hit the jackpot then take it from us theyre like animals; sucking and fucking like crazy time and again in the hope that theyll squeeze out every last drop. Including yours, as you wank yourself to ecstasy time and again!

Date: August 17, 2022