Mud of Love (2016)


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Country: Japan
Genre: Drama-Erotic
Length: 98min
Director: Tetsuya Takehora
Cast: Yui Tatsumi, Shijimi, Tsubaki Kato, Takashi Naha, Sosuke Yamamoto, Toshihiro Yoshida.

Kiriko Fudo had an unpleasant experience in high school which made her stay away from love, but she wishes she could change. She walks the streets alone at night in the hope that it will inspire that change.
Kiriko’s coworker, Hidemi is good at her job, but also has relations with many men. To her, sex is the way of relieving stress, and has nothing to do with love. Kiriko’s high school classmate, Konomi, has a husband and children but is tired of her dull everyday life. Because of this, she starts having an affair with Wataru, with whom she reconnected at their high school reunion. Kiriko meets Yosuke, a regular customer at a cafe that Hidemi took her to. Talking to Yosuke is interesting, and each time they meet with each other, her feelings grow more and more into love.

Date: June 24, 2019